Let's Make Flowers at West Elm

We got invited to host our paper flower workshop in LA. We had so many amazing students who would drive far distances to attend our workshops mostly in Orange County and so for our LA folks, we went to West Elm LA this past weekend. First off, I could live in this store!! I would love to refurnish my whole studio with West Elm furniture, who wouldn’t?! 

We got to use their gorgeous tables and chairs along with vases for our paper flower sample centerpiece. It was a great turn out and we had so much fun seeing all the different flowers being made in LA. 

For those who haven’t made it to our workshops yet, you should know your kit includes a practice packet for class with take home packets of paper and a bow hairpin as our workshop party favors. We also include all the materials such as scissors, glue, hot glue guns, and color pencils. Come join us on our next paper flower workshop - here.

Thank you all for coming out and making flowers with us at our very first LA workshop. Check out all our students flowers with hastag- #letsmakeflowers. If you want to make any suggestions on improving our classes, suggested dates, or a type of class you’d like to see from us, email us at info@handmadebysarakim.com 

Sign up for our next class www.handmadebysarakim.com/events

West Elm ♥ sarakim