New Workshops Available!

And we're so excited to be back with new workshop dates for the summer! Check out our Events Page for more details. We have a regular paper flower workshop and a paper succulent workshop coming soon. We're also hoping to add a few more dates and locations for the summer so stay tuned and find all our updates on our social media or directly on our Events Page!

Our first stop will be at M.Lovewell in Downtown Santa Ana. One of our favorite spots to be with Portola Coffee on the same block with lots of yummy eateries. Come out for a girls day out and make flowers!

PS. I'm still trying to get things finished with our first book in the making with lots of tutorials on different styles of flowers and techniques. I'm really hoping to get that out by this year and I'm so excited for the launch! 

< Here's a sneak peek of some of the finished pages. Tutorials from our standard flowers, succulents, and more! We'll keep you all updated on the status as it gets closer to launching. Thank you all for your love and support with our love for paper flowers. 

Workshops ♥ sarakim