Meet Hannah

I’ve been trying to introduce everyone to some of the ladies behind Handmade By Sara Kim other than myself (Sara). Today you get to meet Hannah. She is our team’s smiler and if I ever need a professional greeter, it will be her. Look at that smile!! My first impression with her, she was ready to learn and her excitement, made me excited! She always brings me the cutest bundle of flowers wrapped with a bow, she is just lovable!


-A few unique things about you: I can bark like a dog, I often laugh too loud but only remember after laughing too loud

-Interests: oddly satisfying videos, immigration rights, finding efficient work-arounds, and supporting pregnant and postpartum moms

-Favorite activities: I love cooking recipes from Serious Eats, swimming with my 1.5 year old, yoga, going to church with my family, reading product reviews, researching medical science news, and spending time with animals and in nature

-Favorite flower vs favorite flower to make: My favorite flower right now is hellebores and my favorite HBSK flower to make is the blushing bride protea and the California poppy!

-Why you joined Handmade By Sara Kim? When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to stay at home with my son, so wondered if Sara would be willing to let me work from home. I was an admirer for several years before I had the courage to message her, and I'm so glad I did! I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for her trust, mentorship, ability to inspire, and for giving me the opportunity to support my family while staying at home with my son.


-About Kolligraphy:

Hannah stumbled into calligraphy design after lettering an announcement board for my church. She got such enthusiastic feedback, that it made her wonder if she could be a viable way to support herself! She started taking orders for chalkboard signs, traditional dip pen, hand-painted wooden signs, addressing envelopes, but it was when she starting working on linen that it seemed to click for her! She fell in love with the movement, meditative, and ephemeral nature of fabric and she’s so excited to see how her business grows!

2019-06-25 05.20.48 2.jpg

Don’t you just love Hannah’s work! It’s organic yet perfect. She’s also going to be teaching calligraphy workshops so check her out! I’m so grateful to have a fellow mom on our team so we could give each other mom tips, handmedowns, and just have each other to vent about mom struggles. She’s also super talented and an amazing flower maker! Find her on Instagram- @kolligraphy