Meet Sophia

I wanted to officially introduce everyone to some of the ladies behind Handmade By Sara Kim, other than myself (Sara). Ever since I had to juggle being a stay at home mom and working, I realized I needed to build a team and basically they are my 3rd/4th hands and a pretty amazing support when I go crazy trying to chase and nap my toddler while fulfilling orders. I wanted to start with Sophia here! My first impression with her, she was very meticulous and enjoyed the little details. This is why I trust her with the smallest flowers.


Interests: Church, lots of movies and tv shows (like Friends, the Office, Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, The Apartment, The Dinner Game, Star Trek the Next Generation, Brooklyn 9-9), good conversations

Animals (cats the most)

Favorite activities: Video games like Smash Bros and Overcooked, Escape Rooms, board games like Codenames and Clank, overeating at KBBQ, cooking for people, watching Dr. Pimple Popper, and TTRPG's that my pastor created.

What do you do outside of Handmade By Sara Kim: Outside of HandmadebySaraKim, most of my time is spent with my church community. I am currently working towards a degree in dental hygiene while working at a dental office and with an event coordinating company called White Blossom Events.

Favorite flower vs favorite flower to make: I love to look at the peony but love to make wax flowers and Japanese Scabiosas.

Why did you join Handmade By Sara Kim? I love creating and making things for people but I rarely have something in mind. This provided the perfect opportunity.


She’s also super creative outside of making flowers. Do you see that burger and fries made with fruits!!!! WHAAAT! She also made cards, jewelry, cake decorating, and so many things. You know how much I love a fellow DIYer! I’m so grateful to have her on our team. Find her on Instagram- @biencrafty