38 Weeks Maternity Shoot

I'm currently at 38 weeks, so close! It's kind of perfect timing for Mother's Day to join all the mamas out there. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions from being excited to anxious, scared to smiling, and of course just nervous about the whole day when it all comes. I'm also feeling unsure about how our future would look like, my relationship with my husband, how my business will be, my identity...etc. Just all sorts of thoughts but looking through these amazing images from my dear friend Ashley Bee from our recent maternity shoot, it's calming and can't help but think deng Beyonce got nothing on me. :)

Of course, I had to wear this oversized paper flower crown to represent! I sooooo loved the poppy fields and it was the perfect spot for us since I just love them flowers. We also did a quick photoshoot at this cute coffee shop since the hubby loves coffee. The Press Espresso has the cutest little hanging garden outside, makes me dream out our home patio! Thank you Ashley Bee for capturing this crazy time of our lives and thank you Sharon Park for beautifying me! They are both my favorite friendors to work with.

Our next post may have a baby boy... any minute now...

38 weeks ♥ sarakim