New Workshops Available!

And we're so excited to be back with new workshop dates for the summer! Check out our Events Page for more details. We have a regular paper flower workshop and a paper succulent workshop coming soon. We're also hoping to add a few more dates and locations for the summer so stay tuned and find all our updates on our social media or directly on our Events Page!

Our first stop will be at M.Lovewell in Downtown Santa Ana. One of our favorite spots to be with Portola Coffee on the same block with lots of yummy eateries. Come out for a girls day out and make flowers!

PS. I'm still trying to get things finished with our first book in the making with lots of tutorials on different styles of flowers and techniques. I'm really hoping to get that out by this year and I'm so excited for the launch! 

< Here's a sneak peek of some of the finished pages. Tutorials from our standard flowers, succulents, and more! We'll keep you all updated on the status as it gets closer to launching. Thank you all for your love and support with our love for paper flowers. 

Workshops ♥ sarakim


Let's Make Flowers at West Elm

We got invited to host our paper flower workshop in LA. We had so many amazing students who would drive far distances to attend our workshops mostly in Orange County and so for our LA folks, we went to West Elm LA this past weekend. First off, I could live in this store!! I would love to refurnish my whole studio with West Elm furniture, who wouldn’t?! 

We got to use their gorgeous tables and chairs along with vases for our paper flower sample centerpiece. It was a great turn out and we had so much fun seeing all the different flowers being made in LA. 

For those who haven’t made it to our workshops yet, you should know your kit includes a practice packet for class with take home packets of paper and a bow hairpin as our workshop party favors. We also include all the materials such as scissors, glue, hot glue guns, and color pencils. Come join us on our next paper flower workshop - here.

Thank you all for coming out and making flowers with us at our very first LA workshop. Check out all our students flowers with hastag- #letsmakeflowers. If you want to make any suggestions on improving our classes, suggested dates, or a type of class you’d like to see from us, email us at 

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West Elm ♥ sarakim


Happy Valentine's Day

We’re hoping everyone is feeling loved today on Valentine’s Day. We wanted to share this special Valentine’s Day Paper Flower Workshop we had yesterday at La Salle HQ, home of Mon Voir- one of my favorite calligrapher. Our first time here in Costa Mesa and thank you all for coming, it was a sold out class since 3 weeks before!

We also made this giant heart wreath with paper leaves and paper flowers literally the day before the workshop just to make something extra special for Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much Chrystal from A Blissful Soiree for helping me build this! It was so big, I didn’t know how to put this in my car. 

I know Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to love and feel loved but I think it’s a great reminder that love is awesome! 

Valentine’s Day ♥ sarakim


Let's Make Flowers Take 2

Just another recap from our recent paper flower workshop at Oh, Hello FriendStudio in Fullerton, CA. I was so excited when I was invited to host our paper flower workshop here. I remember the space being super cute from when I attended a calligraphy workshop there. If you haven’t been able to make it to our workshops yet, we have a few more dates coming up soon. Please check out our workshops page at or you can directly purchase tickets to our next workshop with OHF here

Don’t you love that brick wall! I also set up our giant paper flowers that were almost as tall as me with assorted paper flowers as our centerpieces. We also gave out some free bows so don’t miss out on our next workshop!

Thank you all for coming out and making flowers with me! Checkout some of our students pictures at #letsmakeflowers on instagram. View our past workshops here


AND I present to you our new paper succulents! We will be featuring them in our next workshop and possibly have a workshop in the future with just paper succulents and potting them. Can’t wait to share with you all soon! I can’t even keep succulents alive!! They say you don’t need to water them often etc, but if you are like me, you will need these paper succulents that needs no watering. You can also directly purchase them here for party favors or just for your office. 

let’s make flower ♥ sarakim