It has been 2 weeks since I got my powder eyebrow tattoo by @dollfacepmu and I wanted to share my experience with both microblading and powder brow tattoo and try my best to tell you the difference. I got my eyebrows microbladed about 1.5 years ago and I did notice it was fading but I didn’t really mind. When I got them microbladed, I was super scared since I’m a baby with everything! That previous artist put plenty of numbing cream and it was overall a good experience and I was so happy I didn’t have to draw in my eyebrows. This summer I was thinking I had to go in for a retouch which they do recommend doing every so often since these are semi permanent and when I was about to schedule one in, Stephanie from @dollfacepmu had popped up on my feed and we got connected. She suggested I get her signature powder ombre tattoo and I was pretty scared again since I knew it was going to be a little different. I was scared of the pain, healing process, and what my eyebrows were going to look like. Honestly pain level is the same for both, it feels like scratches. I did agree with Stephanie from that it was less invasive with powder brows. Microblading is making little cuts (paper cut like) and putting pigment where as powder brows are needles. Both process are still nothing like real tattoos I’m assuming, where it is more on the surface and it is semi permanent. I think real tattoos are deeper. I’m hoping I’m pretty accurate with this information, please feel free to ask Stephanie or your eyebrow artists more questions before you make your commitment.


The picture on the left was moments before I went in for powder brows. Notice, most of the microbladed brows are faded. Stephanie did mention that powder brows last longer than microblading but I won’t know that until the year later. Microbladed had a hair stroke look while powder looks like I drew in my brows with an eyebrow pencil. I honestly like both looks. This is probably the biggest difference, I felt microbladed looked more natural through the 2 weeks it was healing, while powder brows looked much more intense during the first 2 weeks of it healing. Don’t worry though, after it healed, it looked natural and once the swelling goes away, it starts settling. First few days, I did wear a cap to stay away from the sun and I wasn’t used to the darkness. The picture on the right was moments after I came out. I liked it a lot but just wasn’t used to it.


2 weeks later, it’s officially healed and I love how natural it looks but I think I may want to go back to get them a little darker and thicker during my retouch. I love makeup stuff and don’t mind spending time getting ready, I know some women may dread that. BUT I think eyebrows tattooed is pretty convenient.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Stephanie from @dollfacepmu located in Anaheim, CA, she’s so sweet and it was such a comfortable experience at a cute studio too! My favorite part about her was how detailed she was. She didn’t mind making sure you were completely ok with your eyebrow shape before it was official. I want to say it took me 30 minutes or more to be completely sure about them! Thank you Stephanie for making my brows perfect and on point even on those Target runs with bare face!

Giving Birth, Postpartum, & Now

Giving birth- most moms will tell you giving birth is the easy part and as much as you tell that to someone who is pregnant with their first, they won’t believe you! And boy, they were right. Postpartum was rough for me after an unplanned c section so I had no idea what recovery would look like and it was my first time ever in the OR. I was so sad, SO SAD nothing went the way I wanted. I did my research on giving birth, took birthing classes, watched documentaries on it (don’t advise first time moms to watch them). I convinced myself, I was going to have an easy birth and when the day came, I was doing so good, water broke, no inductions, dilated quick, waited to get my epi, everything too good to be true. By the time I was ready to push, which I did have a few pushes, they told me to wait. The next time they checked in on me, they told me I was going backwards, my 10cm was now 7cm and told me I had to start considering a c-section. I thought to myself, this is it, business in being born!! Questioned my doctors and thought they were scamming me but the reality was my baby was sunny side up and made me swell, making it less likely to have a natural birth.


Postpartum- to me, was a lot of failures and unexpected. Not to mention breastfeeding was even worse. I thought my milk came in but it didn’t since it takes longer after c-section. Recovering while trying to breastfeed was even more stressful. Honestly, the first few months were a blur and when I finally got myself together and my thoughts/hormones, it was probably month 4 or so. By this time, I was hoping my body would come right back, which it kind of did, I lost most my pregnancy weight since surviving as a first time mommy is rough. But what I didn’t realize was once I finally got myself together, I made many unhealthy choices and gained what really was “mom weight”. This is not from getting pregnant, it comes from not taking care of yourself because you’re too busy taking care of another human being. Drive thru, microwavable food, chips, snacks, you name it, all while not sleeping. It’s so hard. I was 2 sizes bigger than pre pregnancy and none of my clothes fit.

By the time my baby was 1 years old. I felt so tired and found myself feeling extra lazy and I was so self conscious. I was unhealthy physically and emotionally. I told myself often, this is how it is being a mom, just embrace it. I did try some trendy diets, signed up for a yoga pass, trying to run more often, I did try but was so unmotivated and easily gave up. Finally when we signed up for WW, with the support of my husband, we were so good at it and it just made sense to us, within 6 months we hit our goal and we are now actually lower in weight than in our 20s. We didn’t sacrifice any time with our kid, wasn’t at the gym all day, didn’t give up carbs, wasn’t hangry. We just learned how to make healthier choices and got more adventurous in the kitchen, cooking healthier meals that are also extremely delicious. We still saved date nights once a week to eat out without feeling like we were on a diet.


Now- It has almost been a year since we joined WW and it has been a life changing experience. It might have started out in vain by just wanting to lose some weight but through the journey, we found ourselves much happier, much more energetic with our toddler, and not gonna lie, I’m more attracted to my husband and I’m more attracted to myself! These little changes made us more positive in life and it truly went from being on a diet to a true self care journey. Self care could start with getting your nails done, pampering yourself, treating yourself to something cute, but true self care that isn’t so temporary, it’s worth it. When you try working on your health, you’re actually trying to be a better mom, better to yourself, and a better person. A diet always sounds so dreading, sounds hangry, but think of it as trying to be better.

The superficial benefits are also pretty fun, I went from xl to a size small, 32 in jeans to 26, but for real, I never wore jeans and was always stuck to a black wardrobe even in the hottest weather.


Postpartum- take your time with this. I don’t want new moms to stress about getting their body back or be swimsuit ready because come on, our boobs and belly will never be the same. But at some point, take care of yourself! Feed yourself what you’ll feed your baby, organic veggies and all that nice stuff you’ll do for your baby, do it for yourself too. Let’s do this mamas!