Meet Sara

Hello! My name is Sara Kim and I am the founder and designer behind HandmadeBySaraKim. I am saved by grace, a violinist, piano teacher, an avid crafter, and a coffee lover. Although I graduated with a B.A. in music - violin performance, I always loved crafting ever since I can remember. Currently, I am working as a violin and piano teacher, married to a high school math teacher, and living in Riverside, CA. If I'm not teaching, I love to practice Bach on the violin and Chopin on the piano, and perform with community orchestras. If I'm not practicing, I'm at home making hairpieces, paper flowers, or other accessories. I have lost track of how many handmade gifts I have made and given out throughout the years. It then inspired me to give everyone the same joy it gives me creating them and launched Handmadebysarakim, a collection of handmade accessories, in 2010. I have self-taught myself various skills from how to make jewelry, paper flowers, fabric flowers, bridal accessories, and to even graphic design and photography. I interned with Utterly Engaged, worked with numerous vendors and one day I found myself in the wedding industry. I have also designed exclusive pieces for BHLDN, Anthropologie's wedding line and worked with numerous bridal boutiques. Now that most my hobbies had turned into my second full time job, I like to relax with my new hobby, watercolor. 


About Handmade

We love to live by our name "handmade". We make everything from the beginning, we cut, hand sew, glue, dye, solder, wire, and more. We try our best to not have already made items and just glue them on a headband. Instead, we like to offer you one-of-a-kind pieces that were originally designed from Sara and made from our studio in Riverside, CA. We want to give you a high quality product and a collection of designs that are defined by feminine self-expression with each piece being 100% handmade.  Our inspiration comes from the love of music, art, and color. Every piece is created with complete commitment and passion. More than anything, it is a labor of love. We want to give everyone the same joy it gives us creating them. Our aim is always to learn from Yesterday, absorb Today and be better Tomorrow. With every touch comes a bit of love.


handmade studio | CA

Our in-home studio is located in Riverside, Southern California. We try our best to keep it organized as much as possible but most of the times, you will see several loose beads on the ground, full trash bags, messy paper everywhere but two big windows that bring in great natural light during the day perfect for pictures with a great view that overlooks a bunch of palm trees, you'll forget you're in Riverside.  We furnished mostly from Ikea and Target along with thrifted treasures and we love putting all our samples on display. It's not a big space but this is where we dream big and live out our dreams everyday.

Photography Credit: Ashley Bee